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Republic of Terra

Seeker Team

Seeker Team

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Seeker Teams are elite soldiers equipped to survive independently in Earth's harsh environments. They wield long-range rifles, advanced adaptive camouflage, and possess the capability to summon devastating fire support from the Republic's indirect fire units. Seeker Teams represent humanity's response to combating and overcoming their inhuman adversaries and the remnants of Earth.

Miniatures by Khurasan

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  • 2 Metal Infantry Miniatures
  • 1 Infantry Base(s) 40mm (unpainted)

Metal Miniature Details

This product includes metal infantry miniatures. Provided unassembled and unpainted. Poses may differ from those shown.

Ping Not Included

This Unit requires a Small Ping when used to play Downsync.

Gameplay Required Products

1 × Acrylic Ping - Small

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